Reasons why Nuru is classified as a premium massage

Reasons why Nuru is classified as a premium massage

Just why is Nuru massage the best?

Nuru massage is super authentic, seductive and sensual – however, many people are often quick to turn their nose up after Nuru due to its higher price tag. In the erotic world, Nuru is classified as a premium massage and provides a more sophisticated and high-end experience compared to other Asian massages, here’s why…

It uses a specialised expensive gel

The main difference between Nuru and other sought erotic massages such as body to body and Tantric is that it doesn’t use massage oil and instead uses a specialised gel which is handmade and shipped over from Japan. The gel is known as Nori and is produced using sea-weed elements taken from the Japanese sea. The sea-weed formula creates a super slippery and silky texture which helps every stroke to be performed effortlessly. As Nuru massage provides a humungous amount of skin to skin contact normal massage oil would run the risk of friction, which is why Nuru practitioners make a special effort to stock up on the expensive Nori formula.

It uses more than 500 techniques using all areas of the body

The beauty of Nuru massage is that the strokes aren’t just limited to the therapist’s hands, as they will always incorporate strokes using other parts of the body. At first, the masseuse will warm the Nori gel with her hands and drizzle onto your bare-skin. She will then use her more sexual zones to slide and grind the gel all over your naked body. The fun doesn’t stop there, as the therapist will give you the option to use her voluptuous lips to tantalise your erogenous region. Penetration can also be experienced as part of Nuru massage when opting for the Nuru full-service package.

It comes with a complimentary assisted shower

Most erotic massages will offer you a complimentary shower before or after your massage, with the option to bathe with your masseuse being £20 extra. However, with Nuru massage, and assisted bathing experience is included in the price. Whether you shower with your masseuse before you get down and dirty or after is completely your choice. We recommend showering with them beforehand, as this allows you to get familiar with their sexy body before the real magic begins. The warm water also helps to loosen your muscles before being manipulated on.

The therapists are super-hot

Due to the super-seductive nature of Nuru massage, it’s a given that the therapists are super hot and usually have figures that some girls would kill for. Big bums and perky breasts are a requirement to be a high-class Nuru masseuse. Many of our Nuru practitioners have physiques which rival Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger.

A specialised treatment room is used for Nuru

As Nuru boasts many differences to other erotic massages it requires a specialised treatment room, which is reserved for clients who seek Nuru only. Compared to standard erotic treatment rooms, the setting for Nuru is much more luxurious and high-end. As well as a king-sized bed, the room will also boast a specialised blow-up mattress which will be used while the Nori gel is in use to prevent the risk of staining. The room will also boast a private en-suite, which will include a marble walk-in shower and bath which can be shared with your therapist at any point of the session you desire. Many Nuru rooms also have mood-lighting which can be set to your preference to help you unwind and switch off from your daily grinds. Nuru is a truly unforgettable experience which is helped by being performed in a lavish setting, fit for any king.

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Nuru is the crème de la crème of erotic massages and treats you to seventh heaven like no other. If you’re looking for a plush and professional Nuru massage which won’t break the bank then we highly recommend a visit to the Canary Wharf Massage parlour, which has branches in Marylebone, Liverpool Street and Bayswater. Here you can have a five star Nuru massage from just £150 with happy ending or £200 full service, performed by a super sexy oriental masseuse. Outcall is also available across Central and Greater London, with pricing being provided when a full postcode is given. We can’t wait to showcase the wonders of Nuru massage on your naked body. Find out more about our Outcall Oriental massage in London. Or if you want to book call us on 07767966512.