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Canary Wharf Massage is your number one destination for erotic oriental massage London. We provide incall and outcall Asian massages to men all over London. Our premium range of tantric massages, naked massages, Thai massages and nuru massages are designed to give a totally unique, erotic massage experience. Our genuine Asian masseuses are beautiful and talented, and can give you the mind-blowingly unforgettable hour of your life.

Canary Wharf Massage provide authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai-style massages. We offer a 24 hour outcall Asian massage service, which is perfect for our busiest customers. All of our masseuses are mobile and can travel to hotel room, house or business premises. They provide mobile nude tantric massages to men all over central and Greater London.

We also have incall massages for those of you who want the traditional oriental massage experience. We’ve got several luxury flats in central London for our incall massages. Contact us for your nearest location!

Available oriental massage London

We offer a wide range of Asian nude massages that are designed to bring your deepest desires and fantasies to life. Our masseuses are trained to awaken your carnal side with just a few touches. Have a look at our range of oriental massages London below. Once you’ve chosen your desired therapy, check our masseuse gallery to pick any of our gorgeous ladies to share the experience with and get booking!

4 Hands Massage

Try a 4 Hands massage, if you’ve ever wondered what true pampering feels like. It’s is exactly what it sounds like – two masseuses instead of the usual one. The masseuses work in synchronised motion. One leading and the other following as they slowly swirl their hands up your naked body.

A 4 Hands tantric massage is one of the best ways to experience holistic, full body pleasure. Imagine feeling two sets of hands stroking your body. This erotic massage is the gateway to heaven.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is an oriental style of massage that combines sexual stimulation with spiritual teaching. It uses sexual energy and arousal to achieve a higher state of consciousness’s and isn’t normally accessible in day to day life.

This allows practitioners to access their chakras (energies) and manipulate them for a holistic release. This erotic massage is both intense and sensual. It promises to leave clients feeling rejuvenated in every way possible.

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage induces pleasure through sow, intimate touch. The main aim of a Sensual Massage is to arouse the client gradually over the course of the session, rather than drastically.

This makes for refined pleasure and a more intense orgasm. Sensual massage is essentially a hybrid of a traditional style massage with an erotic twist. It targets erogenous locations all over the body that are closely associated with raw pleasure.

Erotic Massage

The clue is in the name when it comes to Erotic massages. This ancient massage style uses masterfully executed techniques to drive clients wild with sexual anticipation.

Our expert Asian masseuses use gentle touch to send clients into deep states of euphoric relaxation, making every stroke intensely sensitive. Erotic massage is designed for full body satisfaction and that’s exactly what you’ll get after an hour with one of our trained massage therapists.

Lingam Massage

Lingam is the Sankrist word for ‘penis’. Lingam Massage pays extra attention to the Lingam in order to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm.

Using expert techniques, our stunning masseuse touch, stroke and caress the lingam whilst incorporating traditional massage techniques. This highly pleasurable massage will leave you shaking from head to toe until you reach the point of no return. That’s a guarantee.

Happy Ending Massage

For a toe-curling orgasm like you’ve never had before, look no further. Get a Happy Ending Massage with us. Unlike some of our other styles, experiencing a release is the main aim of this session.

Our sexy masseuses touch, tease and taunt clients until they’re literally begging to be touched. As one of our most sexual massage styles, it is the ideal choice if you want to feel sexually satisfied in every way possible.  

Body to body Massage

This oriental massage involves the masseuse massaging the client using her body. It’s a very unique way to experience titillating intimacy and uncontrollable pleasure.

The masseuse will rub warm massage oil all over your naked body and then start to press, slide and caress her skin against yours. It’s warm, slippery and completely erotic. You’re guaranteed for a wild ride.

Nuru Massage

If you choose a nuru massage, get ready for some sensual, slippery fun. This Japanese speciality was born in the heart of Japan’s red light districts. It started out as a sensual bathing ritual known as a soapy massage. A nuru massage involves a masseuse using the curves of her body to massage the client.

An extremely slippery, seaweed-based gel is used to allow minimum friction and maximum fun. The masseuse will slide and glide along your skin, allowing you to feel every inch of her body. You’re guaranteed for tantalising pleasure and an explosive release.

Prostate Massage

The Prostateknown as the ‘sacred spot’, is one of the most sensitive areas in the male anatomy. This walnut shaped gland in the anus is a landmine of sensations, so why wouldn’t you want to have it played with?

If you didn’t already know, the Prostate is regarded as the male G spot, so is known for inducing full body orgasms that pulse through the body like electricity. Try something new- get a Prostate Massage.

Locations – Erotic massage London, London massages

Canary Wharf Massage operates across central and Greater London, providing tantric pleasure to even the furthest corners of the capital. We have several luxury flats dotted across the city for incall massages. If you want something a little more private and personal, our masseuses can travel to your Heathrow Airport hotel room, apartment, house or even work office. Some of the areas we cover are:


£150 P/H
  • Except Nuru @£180 p/h
  • 4 Hands @£300 p/h


£120 P/H
  • Except Nuru @£150 p/h
  • 4 Hands @£240 p/h
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