Getting into tantric? How to become an instant babe magnet.

Getting into tantric? How to become an instant babe magnet.

Are you under the impression there’s something unattractive about men who get erotic massages?

Well if you met that question with a silent yes or a rough nod to the head then you, my friend, are wrong.

The silent veil that proceeds over the world of erotic massage, in my opinion, is a real shame. Why? Because the ability to be open and comfortable talking about sex- especially sex outside of the recognised model of Catholic doctrine- is a powerful and life-changing feat.

Kate an erotic masseuse working in LondonIf you are able to converse about sex and desire without replacing your own thought and feelings with the verses of the bible and the understandings we have of marital happiness from religious teachings- whether your religion be Catholicism or not, then you are able to really begin to understand your own body and your own spiritual journey of sexuality and pleasure.

Interestingly the world of erotic massage- despite its magnitude of benefits is traditionally condemned as being something sordid and wrong. This is so far removed from the truth of the matter that I am almost convinced there lays a conspiracy. A conspiracy that works by filling men with shame about getting or even pursuing the idea of getting a massage.

When we really engage with why getting an erotic massage is ‘bad’ what do we think of? It is not consensual? Well, it is because the masseuse is a trained professional who wants to charge for her services. Then what’s left? Oh, other women think it’s bad… they don’t like the ‘idea of it’ – well this is rubbish too. You know why? Because the woman wants to sleep with men that know what they’re doing. By that I do not mean they want men that understand the general principles of how to have sex, they want to sleep with men that are not only in touch with their body but their sexuality. They want to sleep with men that know what they want and how to get it.

You may already think that you know everything that there is to know but if you are yet to try tantric massage then you are sure to not have experienced the ultimate sensual delights that are laying there inside you.

Basically, tantric massage will open up a whole new world of sexual pleasure for you. This is not anything to be embarrassed about; if anything this should be something to get excited about- and something future partners will be impressed by too.

Now you might not want to take my word for it but continue reading below to unearth some real-life accounts from our very own clients on how tantric massage turned them into the babe magnets they are today.

First up we’ve got Craig. I’ll let him introduce himself.

Craig, 25, Cheshire.

I got into tantra on a whim. I was travelling and I’d been travelling for a while. Honestly, I was starting to think this whole gap year thing wasn’t what it was made out to be. I missed my Xbox and my mum and home cooked food but I didn’t feel like I’d had much of a spiritual awakening or that I’d become any more of a man or anything. That all changed when I started getting tantric massages. I learnt how to control the sexual power circulating my body, how to get in touch with it. Not only did it feel amazing but it meant my connections with other people felt stronger and more profound. It gave me like a focus. Since then, since I got back I mean I have introduced quite a number of girls to tantric with unprecedented success. My guy friends are jealous- they’re like, how did you do that?- it’s all in the edging mate, all in the edging.

Next up we have Scott…

Scott, 47, Kent.

I won’t dance around the bush about it… tantric massage saved my marriage, I’m serious, it really did. Basically, when my wife and I got married I suppose she didn’t really know what she wanted. I knew I wanted her and I believe she thought she wanted me but basically, she never got any sexual pleasure out of our relationship. After we got a bit older, after we had done the whole house and kids thing, she turned to me one night and said she was unhappy. She said she did not want to spend the rest of her life in a relationship that did not turn her on sexually. I was devastated and we split up for a short time. That’s when I discovered tantric massage, and to a larger extent how I discovered sexual pleasure. I was amazed at how powerful sexual feelings could be, how pleasure could be like waves, great big calming waves. I was impressed with what I had learnt and was troubled I would never have a chance to show my wife. In the end, she gave me another shot and I wooed her in the bedroom. We are now both devotees of tantric and have very healthy and happy sex lives. I love my wife and love my family but without tantra, I have no idea where I would be now!

So if you are interested in broadening your horizons and trying something new sexually why not book in for a Asian tantric massage today? Or why not give our friendly reception team a call at 07767966512.