Sensual massage and love? Why sensual massage isn’t just for couples

Sensual massage and love? Why sensual massage isn’t just for couples

Many people believe that Sensual Massage is only for people who are in relationships or who have a significant other, due to the intimacy levels and how romantic and sexual it is. However, more and more single men are turning up at massage parlours in central London asking for this service as opposed to the more erotic massage styles such as Nuru massage or Lingam massage.

We have spoken with a number of our clients about why you do not have to be in love to fully enjoy a sensual massage, and here is what they have to say –

Rick, 32 – “I always believed massages such as sensual massages were only for couples and those in love, after all, they are highly intimate and affectionate. I also mostly had this viewpoint because I didn’t see how I would receive the same fulfilment from one if I did not have these strong, emotional feelings for the person giving them to me. However, when I visited a massage parlour in central London, all of my opinions suddenly changed. The masseuse gave me a very slow and steady body to body massage, rubbing her delicate hands against my skin and taking the time to really pay attention to what I liked. This automatically made me feel very comfortable around her and I felt at ease, which made the sensual massage feel better.”

Peter, 23 – “I always had problems with intimacy and found it rather difficult to show my affection to people as I didn’t like letting my guard down. This made it hard to enjoy sex as I couldn’t connect with them on the level they needed or communicate with them. This in turn made the sex not so great and it made me feel miserable. However, since I started having sensual massages, it has helped me to learn to break down these barriers and let people in. Sensual sex does not have to have emotions attached to it and can simply be enjoyed by two people who need sexual gratification. Once I learned this lesson and began to practice it, my sex life felt so much better and I felt a lot more comfortable.”

Rodney, 44 – “I think it is amazing that a sensual massage session provides with you an almost girlfriend experience, without the hassle of getting into an actual relationship. The masseuses give you a full body to body massage, paying attention to your needs and desires, like a lover would do, then she pleases you sexually too. You don’t feel the same during other erotic massage services because this one is a lot more intimate and you feel more connected with the masseuse, there is a bond between you both. I have felt at my most vulnerable during a sensual massage but also at my most aroused and I have to add, I have also felt a lot more comfortable during a sensual massage with a masseuse than I have when having sex with a partner. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the masseuse is professionally trained.

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