How a sensual massage can help you find love

How a sensual massage can help you find love

Winter can be a lonely timeCan you feel it can you feel it can you feel it? There is something magnetizing in the air at this time of the year, it’s cosmic, it’s unexplainable, irrational, out of the blue and out from under the woodworks, this thing, this feeling is love; or else feelings of lust and longing.

The winter period is always a time of conscious coupling, and why wouldn’t it be? With the nights getting colder, the streets getting darker, the world generally becomes less social/ less available for mass group outings and trips. As a singleton the winter months can be the most lonely of any other season simply because all of their coupled up friends are shut up at home snuggling under a warm fire watching tv Christmas rom coms called stuff like ‘a Christmas bone’ or ‘Emily’s Christmas Wish’.

That isn’t to say it is a complete tragedy to be alone this Christmas, it’s not at all. What I am saying is that it is perfectly natural that of all the seasons it is this one wherein most people feel that inner call to seek love and be loved. Sometimes, however, it’s not always that easy.

Finding a partner to stick in this season can be as hopeful as getting the sheets of snow to last more than a couple of frosty morning hours. When you haven’t been in a relationship for a while and you decide to start dating in this period it can be hard.

First off, if you had taken a long extended break from dating and decided that this was the time to get yourself back on the metaphorical horse you are going to face some issues. Number one being the flight. The flight is the first fight of a newly copulated couple which leads with one or both parties running to the hills and dissolving the relationship. The reason flight is so common in new relationships is due to the fact that you are both so used to your own company, when attempting to factor in the feelings of another person you become tired and tested. Putting up with some else’s shit can be hard enough already but in the winter this is most difficult as there is less to distract you from your partners inadequacies. Inside night after night day after day every flaw of your new partners is amplified as well as your own insecure feelings of lack- which can be in catastrophically high proportions given that you are not overly experienced in relationships or perhaps have just lost your touch after such a long time on your own.

An excellent way to put yourself in a strong position to bolster new winter romances and allow them to stand the test of time or at least til the crème eggs of spring are of proud of place on every counter of every corner shop in the country (*side note: as of Dec 2018 Crème eggs have been spotted creeping up all around- no longer following the traditional stagnated release of previous and thus making my earlier comment redundant) essentially what I’m saying is that if you build yourself up first and make positive steps to better yourself and your understanding of others you will be amazed by how many people not only want to date you but also stay with you.

Sexual intercourse and general intimacy and the quality of that is not only an indicator of how successful a union will be but it is a complete determiner of whether or not the relationship will last- at least the first few months any road! Which is where sensual massage comes in…

Angel of our sexy Sensual massage expertsMany people who have been single for a drawn out period find that engaging and inciting intimacy with another person can be difficult and thwart. It takes some time to get back in to the swing of things and be familiar and comfortable with that side of yourself. This confidence is important to impressing your mate.

Getting an sensual massage can break down these emotional barriers and teach you how to be a better lover.

Getting an erotic massage in London by one of the highly trained sexual therapists is the ideal way to re-open you in to the world of sexual relationships and adventure.  People often consider sensual massage is a treatment solely for pleasure, this is not the case. In reality getting an erotic massage by a trained specialist is just as impactful as other kinds of therapy.

To sort out the stuff in your head you go to a psychiatrist. To sort out the stuff in bed you should absolutely go and see a sensual masseuse.

Once you have experienced the joy and wonder of sensual massage and you have learnt a thing or two and you are riding that wave of ecstasy and high serotonin that the treatment delivered you will absolutely be ready to find love.

So this winter don’t spend it alone. Get a sensual massage and then get out on the town and meet your next beau (and if that fails you can always go back to parlour! And keep warm there… We are open daily and offer a great Sensual massage in London! So if you are in the Central London area and looking for a sensual massage. Give us a call on 07767966512 )