Seven reasons why happy ending parlours are better than traditional massage clinics

Seven reasons why happy ending parlours are better than traditional massage clinics

The opening hours are super flexible

Wanting to book a massage is one thing, but finding a time which suits both you and a salon can be incredibly tough. Most traditional massage salons have restricted opening times of 9 am to 5 pm and often close on the weekends, which mean if you are a full-time professional visiting an average massage salon may not be feasible. However, happy ending massage parlours see their busiest periods at night and are often open until 3 am, seven days a week – meaning you are able to fit your visit around your diary.

You don’t need to book in advanced

Most massage clinics advise you to book in advanced to guarantee a time slot, but what if you wake up that day and feel like you don’t want a massage? Well that’s sod’s law isn’t it, if you cancel you’ll probably lose a deposit. The beauty of happy ending massage parlours is that you can arrange a booking on the same day you want the session. Some happy ending salons need as little as 30 minutes notice for your appointment.

The parlours are super plush

Going to an average massage salon you’ll be subjected to the same things, a fold up the massage table, dimmed lighting and some soft dolphin music which adds to the relaxing ambience – you know the drill. However, when you come to a happy ending massage parlour you fully indulge into the new level of lavishness. Expect to be guided to your own private treatment room, which will boast a King-sized bed, spacious Jacuzzi bath and mood lighting which can be set to whatever your heart desires. You’re guaranteed to be pampered like a king in a happy ending massage parlour.

You get to choose your therapist

A massage clinic will usually assign you a therapist based on the availability. However, when you come to a happy ending massage parlour you are always given the choice of at least three masseuses. And these masseuses aren’t just any ordinary girls, due to the nature of their work, erotic therapists are in insanely beautiful. They boast flawless figures, gorgeous faces and an extremely sexy demeanour. You really will feel like a kid in a candy shop choosing your therapist.

There are LOADS more massages on offer

And it’s not just the masseuse you get to choose when you visit a happy ending parlour, there are also SO many more massages on offer too – and the good news is that erotic therapists boast the highest levels of expertise in all styles. Expect a naughty Nuru, a boobilicious body-to-body and a tantalising Tantric all be to on offer – and that’s just naming a few!

There’s nothing off limits

Normal salons keep their services PG and usually use towels to cover the more intimate zones of the receiver. However, if you do n’t like to put limitations to your fun then you need to come to a happy ending parlour – where NOTHING is off limits. The massages are usually performed with both the client and therapist naked, with the session taking a more frisky turn when the masseuse thinks is an appropriate time. Clients are usually given the choice between the happy ending and full-service package. Full service is recommended for those with a dare-devil nature, as it comes with the added delicious elements of oral and intercourse. However, those who crave something more sweet vanilla should opt for the happy ending, which includes massage and hand relief. The services can also be tailored to your specific preferences, so whether you want a slow and soothing encounter or something raunchier and passionate the therapists will work their magic. Happy ending massage parlours just get better and better.

You can have a happy ending massage at home

Good massage clinics are usually based in built-up cities, which can sometimes be a hindrance to get to due to traffic and busy transport systems. However, many happy ending massage parlours have recently introduced an outcall service which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, hotel or private workspace. This allows you to kick back and relax as soon as your happy ending session is booked. A masseuse is usually promised to be in your company in less than 45 minutes, that’s less time than it takes to cook a pasta bake! The familiarity of surroundings will allow you to easily unwind and enjoy the real wonders of your massage just a little bit more.

Book your happy ending massage today

Here at Canary Wharf Massage we offer happy ending massage at all of our parlours. Our parlours are located in many Central London hotspots and with opening hours of 10 am to 3 am, seven days a week we are fully flexible to cater to your most indulgent cravings whatever day or time. Our therapists are not only immensely beautiful, but they’ve also crafted the art of erotica and a happy ending in the most elite massage schools in China, Japan and Korea. Now they are in London they can’t wait to get their hands on you, for as little as £120 per hour. Outcall massage is also available for a small extra fee. If you want to give our five-star happy ending a go then call SMS or email to book. You can ring us at 07767966512. You can also read our Oriental Happy Ending massage guide too!