Public service announcement! Men of Britain: Take pride in your sexual pleasure!

Public service announcement! Men of Britain: Take pride in your sexual pleasure!

This is 2018; we live in a time where it is not necessarily easy for a man to shout about his sexual gratification form the roof tops. Women have had a sexual revolution and if they want to hoot about how great their orgasm was they very well can but for men? When are we going to get our sexual revolution? The answer: Right now.

The female orgasm has been something of constant comment since the 1970’s sex lib movement, when men were handed condoms women were given vibrating toys and giant rubber dildos to explore their sexual agency. In this period women around the world discovered the art of the orgasm- a feat that has meant generations of woman now enjoy a healthy happier sex life. Men have not been so lucky; in fact men have by and large been deceived in to believing that ejaculating is the same as experiencing an orgasm. Ejaculation is not an orgasm, this is a myth. All those there is a sense of relief and pleasure that comes with the release of ejaculating this is not the same as the euphoric blissful sensation of orgasm, it doesn’t even come close.

We understand now that a female cannot experience orgasm without her clitoris being stimulated, whether that be through finger massage or being rubbed by the tip of the penis; this I how the female body works. The male body is not all that different from the female in this sense, but rather than having a highly sensitive gland like the clitoris, men have a highly sensitive gland located in their prostate.  The prostate gland located in a man’s anus is admittedly not located in the most approachable of places and many men experience levels of embarrassment about the thought of even proposing the idea of a prostate massage to their partners due to its less than enticing location.

Homophobia and the air of shame that it has spread over that last fifty years has also gone some way in effecting male confidence to explore their prostate areas. Man on man sex does involve penetration of the butt hole and the sexual gratification does come from the hitting of the pleasure point of the prostate gland- also known as the male G-spot. With men fearing that any interest in their own prostate could make others question their heterosexuality it wasn’t worth mentioning. This is perhaps a generational thing and a matter that over time will be seen as ridiculous; sadly we don’t live in that time now.

But you don’t have to wait for public perceptions to change to start enjoying sexual activity in its highest glory. Don’t waste your sexual heyday by conforming to society’s current body of what is acceptable and what is not. To prove my point I invited a group of men who were point blank sceptics of prostate massaged, so far that they were willing to endure a prostate massage just so they could prove me wrong. Interested to see how they got on? You ought to be!

Carl, 38. Yorkshire.

Now I wouldn’t have been the sort of bloke to say my sex life was anything but stellar. I have regular, vigorous love making with my wife (the normal way) and wouldn’t complain at all! So when Mark asked me to try prostate massage I knew I had nothing to worry about. See for me, I always figured bum stuff was for queers like and I didn’t wanna mess around down there. Turns out I was wrong like. No I mean it, I’m not even taking the piss or anything. There was absolutely nothing homo about what happened to me in that room. First this beautiful naked woman rubs me down with scented oils then she massages my back, getting me all relaxed and her hand creeps lower- I’m talking real low now and she gently brushes her fingers along my butt hole and I was shivering. Shivering like a little lad I was, as though I was getting my first blowy or something. Then she entered (with a glove on like) and she’s being gentle real gentle finding her way, not too much but enough like- then she found it, my G spot, and she starts massaging and jesus I was in ecstasy. Complete bliss, I realised then that I had never had an orgasm before. So that’s what my wife’s always going on about! I said to the girl after, I had no idea. I tell you I feel cheated! All those years I could’ve been going to sleep feeling like that, crazy. And it cured my headache too! Just like that. I’m sold.

Phillip, 52, Olham.

I’m not one for sexually experimenting; I wouldn’t even let my ex-wife purchase flavoured condoms. There’s just no need I always thought! Why bother giving everything frills and bows when it works just fine as is? Now that’s what I used to think and I’ll stand here with you know with my hands up in the air and say it, I was wrong. I was wrong, I’ll shout it from the rooftops I will! I have been a fool and I was wrong. Have I already said that? Ha-ha, well I’m kicking myself alright.  I went in there thinking id feel nothing but honestly? I felt everything- it was as though I had been experiencing sex for the first time. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, I could feel it right down to my toes, this feeling of, weightlessness? But also intense joy and, and I felt amazing. I still feel amazing. I mean like fuck, if I had known this long ago maybe my life would’ve been a lot happier. But hey, there’s no knowing!


So you’ve heard from Paul and Carl, you’ve heard from me…All that’s left is for you to explore your prostate! Don’t be shy! Have a look at our Oriental prostate massage service. or give us a call on 07767966512