Why I think it’s about time erotic massage stopped getting bad press…

Why I think it’s about time erotic massage stopped getting bad press…

Hi! I am Isaac and I am a Youtube star and brand ambassador. Now my life not might see me flying all around the world, going to glamorous parties in LA and being asked to open stores as though I’m the queen of England or something but before the internet went wild over my videos and I got my nose done (oops! Knew I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut on this post) but as I say, before all that my life was heading down a dark path I wasn’t quite sure I knew how to get out of. I was depressed; it’s as simple as that. But see I was thinking about this recently and the thing is, it’s not the money or the fame, or the travel or the cool parties I go to that have made me happier- it’s not even the friends I’ve made (I mean they’re great too) but I think the true change in my mood came from experiencing lingam massage, and I think the stability of my mood has come from continuing to get lingam massages. I go like clockwork! Some people visit a health spa, others go in tanning cabs, visit therapists, re-enact secret narcissistic acts- I don’t know! But what I’m saying is, the older you get the more you find a routine that works for you and makes you live your best happy, healthy self. For me I found erotic massage and honestly, it saved my life.

Now this isn’t something I feel massively confident about taking about what with the general consensus that erotic massage is bad or naughty or something only pervy old men get… I’m 25 and I completely respect woman. The thing for me was that I did not respect myself. This again is a problem with men in the media… why does no-one ever consider our side, why does no one ever consider that men too suffer from anxiety, body issues and mental health problems. This is why I’m telling my story. As an influencer I feel almost a duty to be as truthful and genuine as I can be- to be authentic and to never tell things in a different way to fit a narrative that is more ‘comfortable’, more ‘marketable’. This is me making a stand. Right here right now.

I actually decide to make this post last week, after going to a house party in New York City. I was there with a number of other influences of a similar age. At one point some of the girls in the house had decided it would be funny to call up an erotic massage ad they had seen in the newspaper. They called (drunk as anything you could imagine) laughing down the phone they asked to be told the services, they asked for this girls name, they asked if the girl would ‘blow them’. I found the whole exchange highly disrespectful and immature, I decided to say something. I called the girls out on it, explaining to them that they probably were not even put through to a masseuse and were just terrorising some poor receptionist that is just doing a job to pay her bills to support her kids.

This of course led to some form of dispute, with the girls asking how on earth I knew she was just a receptionist. I explained to them how I happen to regularly frequent massage parlours and that it is a service I appreciate greatly. Without hearing my reasons for why I choose to go or for why I enjoy the services the girls jumped on me as a slime ball, as a perv, a pest and a downright fraud. In none of my Youtube videos have I claimed to NOT visit massage parlours nor would I ever discourage someone from going to them. See the problem with these girls is that before being informed on what erotic massage parlours are actually like they decided to form a negative judgment about them and everyone who uses them. If this isn’t the pinnacle heights of immaturity I don’t know what is.

Sadly for the erotic massage world far too many people decided to cast judging glares in their direction. This flabbergasts me- being someone who has received so much help and support from erotic massage services I can see that this is wholly unfair.

At the party I failed to explain to the girls why erotic massage helped me so much and changed my life for the better; I guess I was embarrassed. But this is why I have chosen to write this blog post. I want people to realise the positive side of erotic massage, the healing side.

When I was 15 I realised I had a very small weiner, now don’t laugh I’m serious. I went to the doctor and he confirmed I was in fact born with a micro- penis. The Doctor said there was a series of operations I could get but they could all lead to further issues and posed negative risks- such as loss of feeling and sensation in my penis. I went away feeling ashamed and scared. How would I ever have a normal happy relationship with a woman, how could I possibly satisfy her? There are so many jokes in mainstream media about the size of a guys manhood and each time I was confronted with one of these anecdotes I wanted to bury my head in a blender.

When I discovered lingam massage online I was intrigued. It’s all about honouring the penis and delivering pleasure and celebrating it- no matter what it looks like. This was when I was 21 and on the cusp of fame . I didn’t know if it was going to be like or not but I needed a confidence boost!

And by heck did I get one! The massage made me realise the power my micro penis has, I had a thoroughly enjoyable sensual experience that gave me the confidence I needed and the relief I needed! It’s taken a long time but my lingam massage therapy is paying off.

If you or anyone you know suffers from a micro penis I would thoroughly recommend getting them booked in for a lingam massage- It could save their life. Luckily for you we offer both an incall and outcall Asian lingam massage service. Why not give us a call today on 07767966512 to book in!