A Nuru massage stitch-up changed my life forever

A Nuru massage stitch-up changed my life forever

Property developer David Jones, 29 from Romford explains how a massage prank by his friends on holiday turned out to be best thing to ever happen to him.

Hey it’s David, but you can call me Dave, just an ordinary geezer you’d find down the boozer or supporting West Ham. While I’d love to tell you everything about my life now, I want to flashback to 2008 and on my first all lads holiday to Bangkok. Of course, this trip was super next level. Living constantly on the booze, attending countless full moon parties and trying the exotic cuisine, made me wake up one morning and think ‘f*** this, I need to chill out’ and that’s exactly what I did.

I grabbed hold of my book and made my way down to the pool as I overheard one of my mates yell ‘Oi Dave, I’ve arranged a massage for you’ The look of excitement lit up on my face, however this massage is far from what I was expecting..

The exterior of the parlour read ‘Oriental massage this way’ so I knew I was in the right place. I made my way down the steps and through the doors as I was greeted by not just one, but three therapists. One handed me a glass of champagne, while the others greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. The girls didn’t speak much English, but one looked in my eye and whispered ‘Nuru?’ I nodded, not having a clue what the f*** Nuru was, but I was soon to find out.

I was guided to the treatment room, where instead of a massage table there was a double bed present and I was asked to strip to my underwear. As an 18 year old male, I had never had a massage before so all of this seemed like ordinary protocol. As I lay on the bed, the masseuse undressed out of her bathrobe and stood in her underwear. Her fine breasts, bouncy bum and slender waist were right in my view, I felt like Christmas had come early.

Before I even had time to control my erection the masseuse positioned me on my back, as she lathered oil along every inch of my body before rubbing in. I shut my eyes, this is exactly what I needed after a hectic holiday with my mates. As I began to relax, I heard the unpinning of what sounded like a bra. Next I felt something super voluptuous and bouncy press up against my back. It was her perky breast. ‘What the f*** is going on?’ I heard a little voice say in my head. But I’ll be honest and say I was enjoying it too much to even question it.

The next thing I knew she was moving me onto my front. Her come-to-bed eyes pierced mine as her flawless body made its way down to penis. ‘Are we, are we going to have sex?’ I began to think, as I shook with excitement. I could tell she was awaiting approval, so I nodded my head. Of course, I was a little nervous and hesitant but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made…

She sure did treat me before we even had sex. Her tantalising dainty hands and pert bum navigated down towards my manhood, I could feel my toes curl and my pulse race with excitement. The next thing I knew she was cupping my balls, caressing my penis and stroking all over my shaft. I felt like despite minus the cameras, I was playing out my own episode of Sexcetra. Nothing could come better than this for your average 18 year old bloke from the East End.

And it just got better and better. She whispered in my ear ‘let me lick your lollypop’ and boy she did more than just lick it. Feeling my eight inch shlong dip down her voluptuous mouth felt more than just euphoric, everything about the experience was just so effortless. I was harder than a rock and definitely ready for some naughty bits. Her flawless booty sat on top of me as she began to grind. As I was reaching a climax she slowed down, before changing the position and going again and again. The passion and intimacy was on a whole new level. The intensity felt like ecstasy as I reached the point of no return. It sure was the best orgasm of my whole life and still remains that way.

We lay on the bed and cuddled for a bit. However, I was so overwhelmed with what had just happened it’s all a bit hazy. We then had a shower together, got dressed and gave her a good bye kiss. I never saw her again…

As I made my way out the parlour as a surprise my mates were waiting outside. ‘Ha ha ha, you’ve been well and truly stitched up!’ I heard one heckle as they all laughed away. I still felt like I was in a bit of a dream, as I gathered them all around and shook my head ‘that boys, that was the best experience of my life’ I said in amazement.

For the whole trip I couldn’t stop thinking about my Nuru encounter. Scouring the Internet I found it to be a popular service in London and I couldn’t wait to have one when I got back. Now, more than 10 years later Nuru remains a part of my schedule. Some people go to the pub to unwind, others visit the gym, while I go for Nuru massages – it’s all the same..

The more times you have Nuru, the more it benefits you than just sexually. Nuru has boosted my body confidence, takes away all of my work stresses and eliminates my aches and pains. I praise Nuru for getting rid of my back pain which hindered me playing football for SO many years. Now, I am back to playing Sunday League every weekend… thank you Nuru!

One hour of madness changed my life forever and it could do the same for you too. If you’re at a loose end today then do me a favour? Go and try the wonders of Nuru, you certainly won’t regret it. Looking for your perfect Nuru Massage in London? Give us a call now on 07767966512 And our friendly reception team will answer any questions you might have!